The Key

Preventive Maintanence keeps fitness equipment healthy:

Just as proper diet and excercise help human beings live healthier lives. Preventive maintenance is key to getting the most out of excercise equipment. Preventing service calls and keeping machines running with minimal downtime requires more than just wiping down equipment and reporting malfunctioning units to your technician.

Equipment Maintenance is Key to Success

Most Fitness centers owners and managers don't give maintenance much thought. However, maintenance is key to the success of any facility center. In the long run, maintenance may even be more important than sales. The hidden cost of not having a maintenance program include; lost customers legal liability and equipment repair and replacment costs.

A Preventive Maintenance Program can help you get the full return on your investment in your equipment, in addition to helping meet member expectations, and avoiding liability issues, Equipment that isn't maintained breaks down more quickly than equipment that is maintained. Service technicians agree
​that having a maintenance program can actually cost less than not having a maintenance program!

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The bottom line is Safety, Dependability, and Efficiency.

A regular program of care truly can extend the life of your equipment and save money in the long run and prevent members from getting hurt.

​For instance:

Not cleaning and or lubeing a treadmill deck on a regular basis will cause premature wear on both deck and belt which can lead to high amp draw on the lower board which in turn can cause a expensive burned board of even a drive motor.

A loose belt on a machine can cause a member to slip and fall off a machine. Cranks that slip, chains that are frozen, electrical shorts can be harmful to a member. Dust and dirt alone is a deck or electrical boards worst enemy. A frayed cable can cut a person or even break and cause extreme injuries.

Just as an automobile needs maintenance to be safe and in good running order to prevent large problems down the road, excercise equipment also needs to be taken cared of especially when others would be at risk.

A car with low oil can cause the motor to blow, worn tires can lead to no grip on pavement and cause slippage and so on.